Biden’s Brother Secretly Recorded By The FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) secretly recorded President Joe Biden’s brother James as part of a wider investigation, according to a recent report. The revelation also comes as James Biden has come under scrutiny for his business partnership with the president’s son Hunter on a number of foreign business deals.

The consulting firm owned by James Biden and his wife Sara was hired in the 1990s by a trial attorney who was lobbying Congress regarding tobacco laws. James Biden’s consulting firm was paid $100,000 for the service.

The attorney who hired James Biden, Richard Scruggs, said that he “probably” would not have hired him had his brother Joe not been a senator from Delaware.

Scruggs was later sent to prison on bribery charges in another case. During the investigation into the attorney, the FBI began taping his conversations. Scruggs was accused of offering a $40,000 bribe to a local judge.

The investigation included recorded phone calls including James Biden. The president’s brother was allegedly trying to form a new company with partners of Scruggs.

According to information from the investigation, Hunter Biden was to be a part of this unrealized company.

James Biden has attracted the attention of Republican investigators in Congress for several reasons. The president’s brother was engaged in a number of foreign business deals with Hunter Biden, allegedly netting thousands from foreign sources, including from China.

Furthermore, the House Oversight Committee has released images of checks written by the president’s brother to Joe Biden not long after receiving the foreign funds. The checks are labeled “loan repayment.”

The committee’s chair, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) said that the check “raises new questions about how President Biden personally benefitted from his family’s shady influence peddling of his name and their access to him.”

One of the checks in question was for $200,000 from a joint account from James Biden and his wife Sara.

“Even if this was a personal loan repayment, it’s still troubling that Joe Biden’s ability to be paid back by his brother depended on the success of his family’s shady financial dealings,” said Comer.