Biden’s Claim That His Administration ‘Spends’ Taxpayer Dollars On US-Made Products Is A ‘Lie’

President Joe Biden generally enjoys wasting money. That’s why he’s pushed forward colossal spending bills that would raise debt, taxes, and products on store shelves which has and will cause inflation to go up.

But, even with the massive spending, Biden’s promise to spend taxpayer dollars on American-made products isn’t panning out, either.

Biden said, “I made clear that when the federal government spends taxpayer dollars, we buy American products, American products made in America.”

It’s kind of like when you try to buy a patriotic shirt from an American company, and the description says “printed and shipped in the USA.” That doesn’t mean the actual product was made in the USA. It’s a false sense of patriotism and support for American companies.

The Biden Administration spends $1.3 billion on COVID-19 rapid tests made in China. Fortune reported, “iHealth Labs, a unit of the Chinese company Andon Health Co. Ltd., also inked a $1.3 billion deal to provide COVID-19 tests for Biden’s free at-home testing program.”

Even more insulting is that Biden’s Administration paid $2.2 billion to Abbott Laboratories, making the BinaxNOW COVID-19 rapid test in the US, but that’s not being given out for free. The Chinese tests are free because they’re cheaper. Quality and human rights abuses don’t matter as long as the federal government can sell you the US tests.

The federal government seems insistent to chase after the COVID-19 virus no matter the cost to the American people, and their investments can be sure to stimulate other countries’ economies.

When it comes to other products that Americans rely on for their safety and future, the federal government engaged in business with DJI to buy drones for the US Secret Service. Not only does that affect quality, but it also takes money out of American companies and places it elsewhere.

When it comes to the electric charging stations that the infrastructure bill will add to the US, will the Biden Administration payout to an American company like Juice Bar EV or go a different route and buy them from another country? We all know which one will cost more. Still, when it comes to “we buy American,” the Biden Administration has failed us before to provide cheap free tests while they’re charging for American-made tests, so who thinks that the electric vehicle charging stations will be any different?

Luckily, there’s already an agreement with the Biden Administration for Juice Bar EV to provide the charging stations, so at least Americans can sleep better knowing that there’s at least one aspect of Biden’s promise that’s fulfilled. Unfortunately, other promises fail to meet his actions.