Biden’s DOJ Pushes For Democratic Donor As Special Master

In a move that should surprise no one, President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) supports a candidate for special master in the Trump documents investigation who has thrown thousands in donations at Democratic candidates.

Former President Donald Trump requested the appointment of a special master to oversee the documents seized from his Florida home in the FBI’s raid last month. The request was granted by a federal judge.

The DOJ suggested former Manhattan judge Hon. Barbara Jones as one of their two choices submitted before Friday’s midnight deadline. Jones is retired from the Southern District of New York, and Federal Election Commission filings show she is a frequent Democratic donor.

Since 2019, Jones has contributed over $5,000 to Democratic candidates as well as the Democratic National Committee. Most recently she donated $2,900 to former New York congressional candidate Liz Holtzman.

Holtzman wrote “The Case for Impeaching Trump” in 2018.

The other submission by the DOJ is retired Washington, D.C., judge Thomas Griffith.

The former president requested either Manhattan U.S. Attorney and judge Hon. Raymond Dearie or former Florida Deputy Attorney General Paul Huck, Jr.

Trump’s legal team requested the special master review all of the roughly 1,000 documents taken from his Mar-a-Lago home. This request included those marked as classified to assess claims of executive privilege or attorney-client privilege.

Besides being a retired judge, Jones was also utilized by former Democratic New York governor to investigate sexual harrassment claims against him by multiple accusers. This came in Feb. 2021 and led to Jones implementing an independent review.

The other DOJ choice is Griffin, a former judge appointed to the bench by George W. Bush. Last year, Biden tapped Griffin to serve in his new U.S. Supreme Court Presidential Commission.

This was the commission the president set up to look into possible court reforms when it became clear that the conservative majority would be an impediment to many liberal causes.

Of all the four candidates, Jones appears to be the one with the most partisan track record. Donating regularly to Democrats, including one who was so obviously anti-Trump, should rule her out from serving in the “independent” role of special master.