Biden’s FBI Strikes Journalist’s Domestic Over Daughter Ashley’s Journal

The FBI executed a search warrant by raiding the New York home of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe on Saturday. The agency was looking for evidence of the alleged theft of a diary owned by Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden.

Pages from the diary that were published during last year’s election season were largely ignored. Multiple accounts doubting their authenticity helped keep the story away from wide circulation.

Michael S. Schmidt and other New York Times reporters who won Pulitzer Prizes for reporting on the bogus claims of collusion between President Trump and Russian oligarchs covered the raid for the “paper of record.”

O’Keefe also stated that Project Veritas had decided against publishing any stories or material about the diary because it could not be independently verified. He said that the diary was then delivered to law enforcement officials. 

Fox News contributor and George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley stated that the raid was unusual since the alleged crime of stealing a diary seemed not to bring any possible federal crimes into play. Turley went on to say that Joe Biden might be using the FBI to target a political opponent.

Turley added that the current FBI raid brings to memory Joe Biden’s use of the FBI when he was vice president to search for a gun owned by his son, Hunter Biden. He said that using the federal officers to look for a discarded gun behind a restaurant did not implicate any federal legal concerns. There should have been more media attention to that investigation at the time.

He noted several unusual aspects of the raid, including the lack of an apparent federal crime or details about whether the diary was stolen or left behind somewhere. The raid’s timing was also odd, given that the diary was allegedly stolen more than a year ago. Turley suggested that the media ask whether Joe Biden’s White House was directly involved in requesting the search.