Biden’s FEMA Director Rejects Texas Gov. Abbott’s Request For Reimbursement Of Border Crisis Expenses

Texas has been the focal point of the border crisis raging since Joe Biden assumed office in January. Over 1 million illegal immigrants have entered the U.S. this year, with a record number of more than 2 million expected by year’s end.

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been seeking assistance from the federal government by requesting reimbursement under federal law for expenses incurred in enforcing border security where the federal government has failed to do so.

The requests have been made according to the law of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The agency initially rejected Abbott’s requests and affirmed that denial this week.

The first request came on September 20 when Abbott cited the border crisis in certain Texas counties since May 31. Since the Constitution places responsibility for border security with the federal government, the governor stated that his request for “disaster status” should be approved. He asked for reimbursement of funds spent by Texas that exceeded ordinary state expenses.

FEMA denied the request, and Abbott appealed the decision according to law. On Sunday, FEMA responded by way of a letter from Administrator Deanne Criswell. She affirmed the original denial of Abbott’s request.

Criswell wrote that she conducted a “thorough review” of Abbott’s original request and appeal. She then stated that FEMA reaffirmed its original finding that federal assistance is “not warranted” under the circumstances, and the further appeal asking for an emergency declaration was denied.

Reporting from the Washington Examiner was unable to determine the total claimed by Abbott as subject to reimbursement but said that it amounted to “millions of dollars.” Thousands of Texas National Guard troops and state police were also said to have been rushed to the border to manage the crisis caused by federal inaction.

The FEMA denial comes just as Texas braces for another rush of illegals from Haiti and Central America in a caravan running over Mexican roadblocks. The caravan rolled through a group of approximately 400 Mexican troops and law enforcement officers equipped with riot gear over the weekend.