Biden’s “History Of Insults” All In One Video

For a President who ran on unity, President Joe Biden has a record of hateful comments and baseless attacks. Biden has been doing that for years, and nobody seems to care. Just because he didn’t tweet his comments doesn’t mean he’s any better than what the left portrays former President Donald Trump to be.

Biden claims not to belittle people and lie, but history and recorded video tell entirely different stories.

Biden told a man he was “full of sh*t” when he said Biden would take guns away. That’s not a real surprise because Biden is the one who’s full of it. He promised to take away student loan debt at the federal level but hasn’t fulfilled that promise. Thank God he hasn’t because taxpayers don’t want to pay for it.

Then, remember when Biden called someone a liar? He said, “You’re a d*ck liar, man,” and another time said, “You’re a lying dog face pony soldier,” whatever that means.

Biden said he would take AR-14’s away and verbally insult a veteran. “Take your AR, your AR-14s away. Don’t tell me that pal, we can go outside and…” it appeared, Biden said, hitting him in the face. The audio is sketchy.

He turned to a staff member during the verbal insults when she began to talk and told her to “hush” multiple times.

Biden has called a Black American, Charlamagne Tha God, a junkie and asked if he would pass a drug test as well. He said you weren’t Black in the same interview if you voted for Trump.

The insults haven’t stopped there. Biden has gotten physical with some interviewers. He patted one man, poked him in the chest, and grabbed the man’s jacket. That was likely a move to assert dominance, but nowadays, it’s undoubtedly not Biden who holds any dominance, especially on the world stage.

The other day, Biden called Peter Doocy, Fox News journalist, a “stupid son of a b*tch.” Either that’s Biden’s typical attitude coming out of cognitive decline or a combination of both. Either way, Biden has placed himself in a position where he hasn’t addressed tough questions that the citizens of this country want to be answered. His failure to do so has landed him at the forefront of criticism and challenging questions from the press.

If Biden didn’t want to be President and it’s too much for him to handle, he should have never run and stepped down. Otherwise, he needs to answer the questions that the press throws at him in the meantime.