Biden’s Latest Behavior Has Everyone Questioning His Mental Faculties

For a good amount of time now, it’s been highly speculated that Joe Biden’s mental faculties are not where they should be, especially for a US president.

Biden’s odd behavior predates his time as president; it goes all the way back to the 2020 presidential election. Then-candidate Biden barely even campaigned in person.

It was not uncommon for Biden to hold campaign events in his own basement, surrounded by staffers holding his hand every step of the way.

During the few times when Biden actually did campaign in person, he shouted at reporters, insulted voters, and lost his train of thought.

Since getting into the White House, the president’s behavior seems to show his weakening grip on sanity, as documented by the Next News Network.

Shaking Hands with Thin Air?

This past Thursday, Biden traveled to South Carolina to host a campaign event. During this event, Biden lied through his teeth about inflation, trying to pin it all on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The reality is that Biden’s inflation crisis began several months ahead of the Ukraine invasion. Moreover, the war crimes of the Russian president don’t give Biden a free pass for the damage he and his party have done to the US economy.

After giving more dishonest public remarks and getting applause from the audience, the president stepped away from the podium.

From here, he turned to his side and stuck out his hand to absolutely no one, as if a ghost or invisible person were standing there. After a few moments, Biden moved to his other side in a slow and seemingly confused manner.

Video footage of the event shows the president appearing uncertain of where he was or what he was supposed to be doing. Meanwhile, the audience in South Carolina just smiled and applauded the president as if nothing at all was wrong.

Time for a Cognitive Exam

If there’s one sure thing about Biden’s behavior in South Carolina this past Thursday, it’s that he’s sorely in need of a cognitive exam. The president needs to take this exam and then share the results with the American public.

Former White House doctor Ronny Jackson (who also currently serves in the House of Representatives) has repeatedly warned that Biden is not in his right mind.

Jackson also called for Biden to take a cognitive exam, noting that his currency hold on the US presidency poses grave national security risks.