Biden’s Latest Speech on Inflation is an Insult to Americans

The White House is constantly making excuses for inflation. The lies don’t even come close to being believable.

First, the administration claimed that inflation would be a “transitory” step towards a greater economy. The past 12 months have proven that to be a lie.

Then, White House chief of staff Ron Klain went on Twitter and waved away inflation as a “high-class problem.” This, too, is demonstrably false.

Low-income earners and the middle class are suffering the most problems because of inflation. For the wealthy, inflation barely puts a dent into their budget.

The list of lies goes on and on. However, polling shows that Americans aren’t buying it. This past Tuesday, Biden gave a speech about inflation as an attempt to do damage control.

However, all the president really did was insult every single American, as documented by Twitchy.

Biden on Americans and Inflation
This past Tuesday, the president was asked by a reporter about why so much of the country believes not enough is happening on his end to beat back inflation.

Biden arrogantly replied by saying the American people lack “focus.” He then followed this up by stating that he needs to explain inflation in terms that are “straightforward” and “simple.”

The president then further proved in a tweet that he believes Americans are stupid. In this tweet, Biden claimed that he believes it’s good for people to have more money in their pockets, but Republicans disagree.

Like all the other claims the White House made about inflation, this is not accurate. When Biden claims that Republicans don’t want Americans to keep more money every month, what he really means is Republicans won’t vote for wasteful spending bills.

The president’s spending packages will not lead to more money in the pockets of Americans. They will only drive up inflation and make the country poorer, something that Biden is projecting onto Republicans.

The Irony of Biden’s Insults
As the president claims that Americans lack focus and understanding of inflation, there’s a certain irony that can’t be overlooked here.

Biden is the same person who routinely misremembers names, places, his previous work in politics, etc., on a regular basis when speaking. Yet, somehow, he wants the country to believe that Americans are the ones with the problem.

The reality is that Americans are very much focused and able to understand what’s happening. Inflation is as simple and straightforward as this: Biden’s wasteful spending brought the nation to this point.

As long as Biden continues denying this and insulting the American public, he’ll just be digging a deeper hole for himself and his party.