Biden’s Latest Statement on Putin is a Problem

Last week, Joe Biden journeyed overseas for a meeting with world leaders about the situation happening in Ukraine. Already, this war is coming with international ramifications, such as projected food shortages.

During the president’s time in Europe, he said many things that simply didn’t make sense. Biden told reporters that sanctions against Russia were “never” meant to deter the regime from hitting Ukraine. Meanwhile, his own national security adviser and vice president have claimed precisely the opposite.

Biden also said last week that American troops were going to be making their way into Ukraine. This was quickly walked back by the White House, which reiterated that US troops weren’t actually going into Ukraine.

However, it is the president’s latest statement about Putin that carries the potential for disastrous results, according to American Thinker.

Breaking Down Biden’s Latest Comment About Putin

During a speech in Poland, the president praised the spirit of Ukrainians and said the world continues to stand with them.

However, at the very end of his remarks, Biden declared that his Russian counterpart cannot be allowed to stay in power. This set off a firestorm, quickly going viral.

Once again, the White House was forced to do damage control. Not long after Biden made this statement, the White House claimed that what he really meant was Putin can’t be permitted to exert dominion over Ukraine and other European nations.

Meanwhile, Russia caught wind of Biden saying this as well. The Russian regime responded by saying that neither Biden, nor the American people, have a say in whether or not Putin is president of his country.

Not Helping with De-escalation

At this time, de-escalation is the best way to prevent this war in Ukraine from spiraling out of control even further than it already has. Ideally, the war never should have started to begin with.

Polls have shown many Americans think if Trump were currently in office, rather than Biden, Putin never would have moved against Ukraine.

Nevertheless, in light of current events, Biden openly stating that Putin “cannot” stay in power is not in keeping with de-escalation. In fact, it feeds into a narrative that Russia’s leader has been pushing for years; this narrative claims that the West and NATO aim to take and topple Russia.

Back in 2020, Democrats said that having Biden in the White House would lead to “the adults” being in the room once more. If what everyone is seeing is the work of “the adults,” then we’re all in more trouble than we can begin to imagine.