Biden’s Lousy Approval Numbers Do Not Get Bump From Build Back Better

Joe Biden and the Democrats almost certainly expected that enacting the infrastructure spending bill and having the House pass the budget reconciliation spending bill earlier this month would boost the president’s tanking approval ratings. However, moving to Build Back Better forward still left his numbers in the basement.

According to a new poll from traditionally liberal-leaning Quinnipiac, Biden hit another low in November with 36 percent approval and 53 percent disapproval. The latest poll also had some positive news for Republicans.

Respondents to the poll said that they would prefer Republicans retake the House if the midterms were being held by a margin of 46 percent to 38 percent among those who have formed an opinion.

As for the Senate, 46 percent said they would prefer Republican control if the elections were held today, with 40 percent against and 15 percent saying they had no opinion.

As the midterm election season approaches, Tim Malloy works with Quinnipiac as an analyst and says the results are an “ominous double whammy” for the Democratic Party. He added that both houses appear to be complete “up for grabs,” with voters favoring Republicans as things stand today.

Biden may indeed be left soon with no political cover from Nancy Pelosi as Speaker or the makeup of the House overall.

Yet another poll presents more bad news for Democrats. The Morning Consult poll takes data and analyzes which governors are most popular across the country. Nine of the top ten governors are Republicans, with Phil Scott of Vermont coming in first with a 79 percent approval figure. The only Democrat to crack the top ten is Ned Lamont of Connecticut.

The country’s least popular governor is Democrat Kate Brown of Oregon, coming in at a paltry 43 percent favorable rating. Even that poor showing is fully seven points ahead of the miserable rating Biden currently is maintaining.

The question for 2021 seems to be not whether Biden can find a way to pull his approval rating back up out of humiliation range but whether he has approached the actual bottom of the basement yet.