Biden’s Polling on Immigration Has Sunk to a New Low

Immigration is one of several policies that’s fallen to the wayside since the Biden administration came into power.

Under current White House oversight, the Remain in Mexico order was revoked. Not long afterward, a significant rise of migrants coming to the southern border began.

To this day, that’s a major issue that Border Patrol officials and individual states along the southern border have been wrestling with.

In real-time, the White House is not taking actions that are in keeping with upholding immigration laws. In fact, Biden is still working to completely dismantle Title 42.

The current administration continues to argue that its immigration policies are about fairness, humanity, and doing the right thing. However, a brand new poll confirms that an overwhelming majority of Americans disagree.

The Latest Poll on Biden’s Management of Immigration
The YouGov poll run between May 21 to May 24 truly speaks volumes about how Americans perceive this president’s immigration policies.

Thus far, only 18% of Americans said they support how the president is dealing with immigration. This is contrasted against a whopping 62% of the country that views the current course of US immigration as wrong.

The 62% disapproval rating for Biden’s immigration policies tracks with general discourse concerning immigration.

Title 42, for instance, has managed to get a moderate level of bipartisan support. Some Democrats have joined Republicans in calling for Biden not to scrap this measure without having a solid replacement in effect.

Yet, the only reason why the president has yet to do away with Title 42 is a court order that’s currently tied his hands. If it were not for this court order, Border Patrol officials would be seeing significant growth in the daily numbers of migrants at the border.

Putting American Interests Last
Multiple immigration policies of the Biden administration have put the interests of America last and below all.

As baby formula shortages rage on in this country, the White House still found a way to send some formula down to the southern border.

As for American citizens, the administration advised parents to either try giving their kids generic formula (if they could even find it) or look for samples of formula from pediatricians.

Due to the president’s refusal to fix southern border issues and uphold the immigration laws of the United States, calls for his impeachment are rising.