Biden’s Remarks About the Buffalo Shooting Did Not Go Well

This past weekend, ten people tragically lost their lives in Buffalo, New York after a mass shooter opened fire in a supermarket, claiming as many lives as he could.

The shooter’s manifesto has since revealed some very troubling insight into his mindset. One standout is his choice to pick New York because of the state’s “c*cked” gun laws.

The shooter knew that by opening fire in a state with heavy gun control, his victims would be defenseless.

In the wake of this tragedy, Joe Biden spoke publicly about what happened. Unfortunately, his commentary missed the mark, which is typical for this president.

The Problem With Biden’s Response
Biden and his supporters have adopted a habit of basing their reactions to mass shootings/attacks based on the races of the perpetrators and victims.

Back in December, when a black perpetrator drove through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, the president didn’t denounce it as domestic terrorism. However, in response to the white shooter in Buffalo claiming black lives, Biden slammed it as domestic terrorism.

If the president was not politicizing tragedies to suit a left-wing agenda, he would have denounced attacks in both Waukesha and Buffalo as domestic terrorist acts.

Biden’s also been criticized for refusing to visit Waukesha following the December attack, despite visiting Buffalo shortly after the shooting.

To make matters worse, when the president was delivering remarks about the tragedy in Buffalo, he made yet another gaffe. Biden was attempting to share a statement about “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” but he forgot the latter mid-sentence.

Of course, Biden’s post-speech remarks involved accusing Fox News host Tucker Carlson of spreading the “replacement theory.” The president made this claim when a reporter asked him whether or not Carlson should be faulted for lives lost in Buffalo.

Part of a Larger Pattern
Biden’s speech about the Buffalo mass shooting occurred days after he ripped the GOP as extremists and “Ultra MAGA” fanatics. Ironically, his speech also involved calling for an end to hatred and restoration of unity.

The president has a bad habit of trashing Republicans and then shortly thereafter saying everyone needs to come together. Republicans have pointed out on numerous occasions that Biden can’t have it both ways.

Democrats at large have also faced criticism from Republicans who charge them with using the lost lives in Buffalo for political gain. Left-wing calls for gun control quickly followed this shooting, as did various demonizations of the GOP altogether.