Biden’s Supply Chain Crisis Is Pushing Your COVID-19 Test Out For Over A Week

Government agencies such as the Division of Motor Vehicles and the United States Post Office are notorious for running behind. That’s why it’s honestly humorous that President Joe Biden’s Administration is opening up their COVID-19 test website for orders today, January 15. There’s a significant drop in daily COVID-19 Omicron cases, so what’s the point anymore?

Biden still sees this as an accomplishment and will surely add it to his list of achievements, even if unnecessary. Omicron has swept the nation so quickly that it’s been hard to keep up with when people get infected and when they get over it, and with the milder symptoms, it’s harder for people to determine what’s made them sick.

Even better, the COVID-19 tests won’t shop for roughly 7-12 days, according to the federal government. Dr. Allison Arwady, Chicago Department of Health Commissioner, said that the time of infection, the time it takes to show symptoms, and the recovery time is taking less time now than it has in the past. It’s good that there’s a better way to tell if someone is infected, but as far as these tests go, it’s much more difficult to order them, get them shipped, and test yourself before COVID-19 takes its course.

There’s also the fact that train looting has caused an issue with the speed of delivery. John Schreiber tweeted that thieves had “looted packages as far as the eye can see” from trains delivering shipments of “Amazon packages, UPS boxes, unused COVID tests, fishing lures, epi-pens.”

The chaos caused has led to this crisis of products, especially medical products, being kept behind because they don’t make it to their destination. The judicial system ignores criminal activity and continues in the circle for far too long. The COVID tests on the train will cause backups in the system, making it harder for people to receive them and get the adequate care they need and deserve.

It is all Biden’s Administration’s fault. The supply chain crisis issues aren’t new, and they continue even longer. Now that Biden’s rollout of COVID tests is in effect, there’s more of a rush to get them, and USPS will have a hard time keeping up. Good luck getting the COVID tests. If you get sick and need hospital assistance, then seek it. Don’t wait for your test in the mail.