Biden’s Travels During Afghanistan Crisis Raising Concerns

President Joe Biden’s handling of the debacle that the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan has turned out to be enough to cause grave concern about the administration even without all of the weird things going on with Biden’s appearances and travel. He remained hidden away at Camp David all through the weekend as the Taliban steamrolled its way into Kabul, taking over the Afghan government and the only airport in Kabul as well as abandoned U.S. military equipment.

After Biden finally returned to the White House to give a speech about Afghanistan on August 16 and took no questions, he returned to Camp David. Then, on August 18, he returned to the White House to deliver another speech. This time, the address had nothing to do with Afghanistan and was all about COVID vaccination booster doses.

Then Bret Baier at Fox News reported that the president might be continuing his vacation back home in Delaware.

Many commenters immediately began speculation that something more severe than Biden’s typical displays of dementia may be going on with his health if he is now returning to Delaware during the ongoing humanitarian crisis playing out in Afghanistan.

Amid rising pressure from Republicans and some members of the corporate media, Biden abruptly changed his plans to fly to Wilmington after a hastily scheduled press conference for the afternoon of August 20. The White House announced that he would remain in Washington after the presser.

When Biden still had plans to travel to Delaware, there were no indications of how long he planned to stay there. On August 19, when the Pentagon confessed that the administration did not know how many Americans were still awaiting removal from Afghanistan, the president made no public appearances or pronouncements.

Fox News also reported that the Taliban has set up checkpoints around the perimeter of the Kabul airport. It is denying entry to the airport to some people and is also beating people at the checkpoints. The State Department has been expressly warning Americans en route to the airport that the U.S. government cannot ensure safe passage in getting there.

As of the afternoon of August 20, it remained unclear whether Biden would be traveling to Delaware later in the weekend.