Bill Nye Promotes Infrastructure Bill With ‘Amtrak Joe’ On Tiktok

Bill Nye is not a scientist. If you enjoyed Bill Nye as a child or as an adult not going there, you should know that up front. He never had a science degree in all of Nye’s children’s entertainment career.

Bill Nye is still in the spotlight, and he’s gotten oddly political. Interestingly enough, Bill Nye and Dr. Anthony Fauci have a lot in common. Neither was invited to perform nor elected, and both love themselves more than anyone else. Fauci even has a portrait of himself in his office. It’s creepy.

“Infrastructure is cool!” Bill Nye proclaims in a video “ad” with President Joe Biden.

He goes through the list of things Biden’s Infrastructure bill will help with, but why does he need to explain it? We’re adults and can read. If he’s speaking to children or teenagers, they can’t vote.

Then the video takes a turn for the worse. Biden comes in. “You’re using my lines here.” Bill Nye responds, “I am a believer in this.”

It would have been better if they just danced. Tiktok isn’t for the elderly.

Bill Nye then says that he’s old enough to remember when the United States was the driver of innovation. What happened? Federal regulations and inflating prices.

Both say that electric vehicles will happen, and Biden says that the United States is building 500,000 charging stations. That’s roughly 25 charging stations for the 19,495 incorporated cities in the United States. There’s going to be more for the bigger cities. It’s interesting because Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg just said that rural Americans would benefit from electric vehicles, giving them no way to charge their electric vehicle.

After, Bill Nye says that it would reduce the carbon in the atmosphere. Not true. Electricity is generated by fossil fuels, natural gas, and coal as the top 3 contributors.

Then, they both bumped elbows because of Covid-19 and things. It’s one of the cringiest videos on Tiktok.