Bipartisan Focus Group Agrees Woke Culture Taking Over US Education

In what was a surprise to the group’s moderator, a focus group put together by CBS to include a democrat, republican, and independent unanimously agreed with many republican talking points including “woke culture” being too prominent in schools.

Each of the respondents on the show agreed that the economy is in poor shape, that “woke” culture is bad for public schools, crime across the nation, illegal immigration, and that inflation and gas prices are one of the biggest concerns for most Americans.

Close to the end of the interview, the three panelists were in such close agreement on so many of the topics that Margaret Brennan, the moderator said, “Often, when we do these focus groups, we have people from different parties disagree with each other, but I’m hearing a lot of you echo the same concerns and agreeing with each other.” Brennan then said, editorializing on their responses, “None of you are very optimistic about the country right now.”

The segment was part of an ongoing series called “Eye on America: Election Influencers” and this particular interview was called “Pressured Parents.” The idea was to take a subgroup of people, in this case parents, from different political party affiliations and find out which issues are most important to them leading into the midterms.

It is clear throughout the interview that Brennan was expecting more disagreements from the panelists, but they never came. In most instances, the republican panelist spoke first followed by the other two panelists mostly agreeing on the points the republican made.

At one point, in regards to the problems being faced in America, the host asked the democratic representative this question: “Do you blame your mayor and your governor for that or do you blame Washington?”

Her reply: “It’s everybody. Everyone. Washington, the Mayor…They help who they want, certain groups of people, they will help them and neglect someone else.”

The clear takeaway from this interview is that all three panelists were tired of what is going on in America right now which should give hope to republicans that people are looking and voting for change.