Black Employees Are More Likely To Be Fired, According To A Psychologist’s Detailed Thread

Disparaging Covid-19 vaccine mandates are dividing Americans into three categories; pro-vaccine, anti-vaccine, and leave me alone and do whatever you want. Rage, gender, and age all represent different majorities of vaccinated Americans.

The media and political leaders have tried to coax Americans into getting the Covid-19 vaccinated by giving away money, food, and scholarships. Still, the representation of anti-vaxxers being Trump-supporting rednecks who fornicate with their relatives is an inaccurate representation of the people who haven’t taken the vaccine.

Most people who haven’t taken the vaccine are simply uneasy with the messaging or don’t see the point in getting it due to their good health and survival rate. As the old saying goes, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. The vaccine characteristics seem to be primarily for those who have weakened immune systems or are elderly. The vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting or spreading Covid-19. It appears that the only benefit is that most people have an easier time with the virus. It’s also interesting that the Biden administration would want many people with minor Covid-19 symptoms running around, not knowing they’re infected, and spread Covid-19 around like wildfire.

The percentage of Black Americans vaccinated is far lower than White Americans, and there’s a larger gap between Asian American and Black American vaccination rates. According to KFF, 43% of Black Americans are vaccinated versus 52% of White Americans and 68% of Asian Americans.

The Biden administration believes they’re talking to the Trump supporters and hurting them when they make more vaccine mandates, but what they’re doing is disproportionately affecting the Black American community. Biden’s new OSHA standard that any employer with over 100 employees mandates their employees get the Covid-19 vaccine or submit to weekly testing or be fired. It would cause more Black Americans to be fired than any other race, but Biden doesn’t seem to know or care. Democrats have historically been racists. The founders of the Ku Klux Klan were Democrats. Biden referred to segregation as a racial jungle for students and lied about his college education. Why would anyone vote for this man?

Whatever thing you may call racist, actions should be the standard. Anyone can say something racist on Twitter, maybe as a joke or maybe being severe, but such a large majority of people who would make a racist comment have no intention or ability to put action behind it. Biden does, and he is. His actions have been causing all parties to question Biden’s ability to lead our country. Biden must have thought that social media wouldn’t exist anymore, and information wasn’t available because he acted like I as soon as he got into office.

Biden’s new catchphrase is going to be “If you don’t get the vaccine, you ain’t black” before this is all said and done. Free-thinking Americans that band together is the greatest threat to tyranny that has ever existed. You can’t buy yourself freedom. You have to be given or take freedom from leaders. There is no other way.