Blake Masters Says Republicans Deserve Better Than McConnell

Senatorial candidate Blake Masters (R-AZ) condemned the leadership of Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Friday.

Appearing on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Masters said that McConnell, Senate minority leader since 2021, is part of the D.C. “establishment.”

“I think Arizonans deserve much, much better and when Kari Lake is governor, they’re gonna get it,” began Masters on the primetime Fox News show.

“So, Maricopa County elections, maybe they are working hard, God bless them, it’s at best, just incompetent. But do you know what else is incompetent, Tucker? The establishment. The people who control the purse strings.”

Masters then criticized McConnell for spending “millions” in campaign funds to attack GOP candidates.

“Senate Leadership Fund, Mitch McConnell, McConnell decided to spend millions of dollars attacking a fellow Republican in Alaska instead of helping me defeat Sen. Mark Kelly,” he said. “Had he chosen to spend the money in Arizona, this race would be over and we’d be celebrating a Senate majority right now.”

Masters is referring to a super PAC linked to McConnell. The “Senate Leadership Fund” funded attack ads aimed at Kelly Tshibaka (R-AK), a highly popular figure within the state party. The Alaska GOP released a censure, calling the ads “malicious” and a “gross distortion of the facts.”

Masters has every reason to be upset after Mitch McConnell clawed nearly $10 million from Master’s campaign after winning the Arizona primary. McConnell’s super PAC proceeded to spend a reported $178 million in battleground state Senate campaigns.

Fox News host Jesse Watters joined Carlson and slammed McConnell for his job performance and questionable campaign spending.

“I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes but that is a lot of money and we didn’t pick up a single seat?” asked Watters, referencing Republicans’ inability to regain control of the Senate despite spending hundreds of millions to do so.