BLM: Biden’s Police Reform Supports ‘White Supremacist Institution’

After a “police reform” event that presumably is a call for celebration by the left, Black Lives Matter instead slammed President Joe Biden for the fact that the U.S. still has “policing” at all.

It’s almost enough to make one feel sympathy for a president who obviously is responding to progressives’ calls for police reform. Almost.

On Wednesday, the president signed an executive order to reform national police practices. The ceremony was aligned with the second anniversary of George Floyd’s murder by a policeman in Minnesota and addressed a variety of concerns by civil rights activists.

Among its measures is creation of a national registry of officers fired for misconduct. It restricts the transfer of military equipment to local agencies and requires federal agents to wear operating body cameras.

The act also encourages state and local police to carefully restrict chokeholds and “no-knock” warrants.

No good, says BLM.

Calling policing a “White supremacist institution,” the activist group tweeted that Washington is protecting an industry rooted in “slave patrolling” and “anti-Black violence.” It decried measures that will not save “our people from state violence.”

Perhaps BLM and its allies should Google “defund the police” and recall how that went. Some guilt-ridden municipalities adopted that uber-woke stance along with other policies softening police activities.

Progressives raced against each other to pummel law enforcement as the bringer of violence rather than the savior from it. Add to that the arrivals of progressive district attorneys openly calling for lenient sentencing in the name of equitable justice, and the table was set for leftist utopia.

The results?

A nationwide surge in violent crime so overwhelming that none other than President Biden now champions RE-funding police. Democrats cannot distance themselves fast enough from the delusional flower-child movement to send counselors into hostile situations.

Even as BLM warns about the danger of returning to the “tough-on-crime fear mongering of the 1990s, all but the most radical leftists know the truth. Turning our backs on law enforcement only increases violence and social upheaval.

As for Biden’s police reform measures, they will never be enough to satisfy those who want to eliminate law enforcement altogether. As recent revelations highlight, BLM cares about BLM, and thus becomes more irrelevant with every passing day.