BLM Defends Using $6 Million in Donations to Buy California Mansion

Black Lives Matter has been struggling this week to defend using $6 million of donated funds to secretly purchase a luxury California mansion. According to reporting by New York Magazine, the house has at least 6,500 square feet of living space, more than a half dozen bedrooms, a sound studio, pool, and guest bungalow.

The latest revelation comes after reports last year that BLM leader and self-described “trained Marxist” Patrisse Khan-Cullors bought four homes worth a total of $3.4 million. BLM began as a movement spread on social media in 2013, but took off financially after the death of George Floyd. Available financial filings show that BLM took in $90 million in 2020 alone.

Although Cullors vacated her leadership role in BLM shortly after the disclosure of her real estate purchases, she said the only reason she had for doing so was “right-wing attacks.”

Reporting now shows that the newly disclosed mansion was purchased by Dyane Pascall, a former Cullors employee, from televangelists Shawn and Cherie Bolz for $3.1 million in October 2020.

Six days later, Pascall transferred the property to Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundations (BLMGNF) for $5.8 million in cash. Pascall and BLM used a shell company that had just been created to register the transaction.

Black Lives Matter posted a lengthy Twitter thread on Monday attempting to defend using donated funds to purchase the mansion.

The tweets acknowledged that there is “more work to do” to increase the organization’s financial transparency and to “ensure transitions in leadership are clear.” However, the posts go on to describe the investigation of the group’s finances as “inflammatory and speculative,” and state that they do not “reflect the totality of the movement.”

The thread also said that BLM is “redoubling” its effort to provide financial clarity, saying that it was ordering an “internal audit” while seating a new board to move the group “to its next evolution.”

BLM turned off replies to the Twitter thread.

Cullors said that she personally used the newly-disclosed mansion as a “safe space” for at least four nights when she said the FBI was investigating a death threat she received.

She added that people investigating the organization’s finances were using BLM as an “experiment” to bring down other activist groups. She said they are creating “infighting and distrust” by examining the way donated funds have been spent.