Blowback Against Pro-Abortion Catholic Democrats Grows

The days of Catholic politicians professing one thing and doing another are coming to a close if advocacy group CatholicVote is successful. Frustration among the faithful is mounting over the Bidens and Pelosis of Washington, and efforts are starting to make their contradictions clear.

While leftist radicals put “bounties” on the locations of dining Supreme Court justices and protestors march at their homes, a religious movement is quietly gathering momentum.

CatholicVote just launched a $3 million ad campaign targeting those who proclaim to be Catholic but are either silent or vehemently oppose church teaching. One ad released this week targets Rep. Cindy Axne (D-IA) for her conspicuous absence of denouncing violence against the church.

The group said Democrats like Axne do nothing when parishes and religious centers are firebombed. They stand aside when “radical liberals act like terrorists.”

Axne is a strong abortion supporter and vehemently opposes her state’s efforts to ban the procedure.

A shocking 51 attacks on pregnancy resource centers were reported in just the past two months. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) called for them to be closed “right now” and said they wish to do women “harm.” Warren, though not Catholic, professes to be Christian.

A pair of pregnancy centers were vandalized just days after she called for them to be closed down.

CatholicVote has its sights set on 10-15 House races and pivotal Senate matchups in November’s midterms. Group president Brian Burch said the issue is self-proclaimed Catholic politicians who legislate far from the church’s moral stance.

Burch noted that U.S. Catholics, a traditional pillar of the Democratic Party, are in the midst of a “historical shift” over the past half a century.

After President Joe Biden signed an executive order to enhance abortion access last Friday, Archbishop William Lori joined many of his colleagues in calling for a change. Biden’s efforts, he said, lead the U.S. on a “path of death and destruction.”

The contradiction between the professed beliefs and public actions of most Catholic Democrats is striking. While nearly no one calls for theocracy or an official church, it is the height of hypocrisy to cloak yourself as a member of a faith and tradition whose unpinings you daily oppose.