British Magazine Names Dylan Mulvaney ‘Woman Of The Year’

A British magazine named transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney their “Woman of the Year” this week. Attitude Magazine, an LGBT-themed publication gave the biological male the award almost six months after the controversy surrounding a marketing partnership with Bud Light began.

The social media influencer also received the same award from Virgin Atlantic at its Attitude Awards in Britain on Wednesday.

Mulvaney accepted the award, referencing more than a year after the biological male came out as transgender.

“I am so honored to be with you all tonight, and you know, some see me as the woman of the year, some see me as a woman of a year and some change, as I only publicly came out online 560 days ago, and some people don’t see me as a woman at all,” said the activist.

Mulvaney praised the “honor from a queer publication like Attitude,” which made it mean “so much more to me.”

The former Bud Light partner said that “no matter how hard I try, or what I wear, or what I say, or what surgeries I get, I will never reach an acceptable version of womanhood by those hateful people’s standards, but as long as I have the queer community that sees me for my truth, I’m gonna be okay.”

“And I didn’t feel like the trans beer girl,” Mulvaney said. “You know, I didn’t walk into rooms and wonder, ‘Oh does that person hate me?’ I was just another gal walking around in a Burberry trench on her way to a West End musical.”

Mulvaney reached considerable notoriety after an April agreement to promote Bud Light on social media. The marketing deal was followed by a significant public backlash, including a broad boycott of Bud Light and other Anheuser-Busch products.

Bud Light sales declined by about 30% after the partnership was revealed. The former top-selling beer brand in the country is facing a possible loss of store shelf space due to the ongoing boycott.