‘Build Back Better’ Doesn’t Seem To Build Anything

Build Back Better has been dead for a long time, probably from the minute it was introduced. Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) aren’t for it, and they’ve been vocal about it.

Many Democrats haven’t answered if they’re going to vote for or against the Build Back Better bill, and now it seems evident that it is over.

South Dakota Senator John Thune (R-SD) told reporters, “I think there are technical and political reasons that they can’t do this next week, but I don’t think they’ve come to that conclusion yet because they can’t afford to. They have to keep a stiff upper lip.”

It’s an illusion that has to continue to keep their straggling supporters following along. Build Back Better will expand the IRS to go after Americans. Keep that in mind. No politician should favor going after the rich, poor, or anything in between.

In the short term, Build Back Better won’t enter the Senate until 2022, but it’s still unlikely to pass in 2022 with the current Senate makeup.

NBC News reported, “Two congressional sources said a vote could be delayed until March. The sources asked to speak anonymously to provide frank assessments of internal discussions.”

March won’t change anything, especially with Biden declining mentally and the country at odds with the entire administration. Even the escalating tensions between Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris aren’t unnoticed. It could also be a chance for Biden to fix the economy by March and bring back support for his actions. Though that’s unlikely, it could be a strategy they’re trying out.

Biden might also get more support if he were honest about the bill. Biden has consistently said that “it wouldn’t cost a single penny,” but Congressional Budget Office numbers show a very different story.

Democrats are going to be furious if Build Back Better doesn’t pass. Biden’s promise of a bright future will lack the ability to provide that, and the outcome will be much worse than what Biden claims. It’s dividing the country even more, and when you add in the IRS reaching further into Americans pockets, you get the idea that the federal government knows it’s spent too much money and needs to recoup that by turning people upside down and shaking them to get every penny they can get out of their pockets.