Buttigieg Gave This Miserable Reply To His Activities That Has America Irate

Finally, “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg is back to work, but what does he have to say about the state of supply-chain issues that the United States is under right now?  

Buttigieg hasn’t had many bad things about the supply-chain issue and even chalked it up to the excellent economy under President Joe Biden. It isn’t true because nobody stepped in to fix the problem before it was theoretically too late. There were warning indicators at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic that could have led to provisions in the way imports were handled once the economy reopened, and there was plenty of time to plan for it. It seems that the Biden administration was way behind on this issue, like many other issues.  

Buttigieg sat in a “place of privilege” and expressed his desire for all Americans to receive paid family leave, which should be considered.

But we all know that if paid family leave were the single issue on a bill, then it would pass. Biden’s ridiculous spending includes paid family leave, and that’s precisely why it’s being singled out as the main issue. With less support for Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan, the Democrats have to spin public opinion and perception their way.  

Joe Manchin (D-WV) has already said he won’t vote for Biden’s bills because he will not slam the American people with more inflation, and the Democrats have to turn it toward Republicans now.  

Buttigieg responded to a question about Manchin not supporting the bill by saying he believes in the bill and everything in it and “this is not a half a loaf. It is a feast of good policies.” 

Ultimately, Biden’s bills would benefit Buttigieg personally. The new father would undoubtedly be for childcare, universal pre-k, and fighting climate change. Most climate change fighting has everything to do with transportation, and Buttigieg is conveniently the Secretary of Transportation. He needs this for his political resume to push him further in politics. The other advantages would benefit him as a father.  

What would it cost the average American? Thousands of dollars every year. The milage tax and inflation would hurt the most. After the bill is passed, childcare tax credits would take away from the budget, and the federal government will replace it by taxing the 1% ($400,000 a year or more earners). The price of increased taxes will ride their way down the product line and come out of the average American’s pocket.