California House Democrat ‘Echoes’ Radical Leftist Groups In Effort To ‘Weaken’ China Bill

Rep. Sara Jacobs (D-CA) is a House Foreign Affairs Committee member attempting to soften parts of a bill designed to fight against China’s aggressive acts against American interests. She is echoing the demands of several leftist advocacy groups, including Code Pink, an anti-war organization.

Jacobs is working on other House members to get them to join her in signing a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) calling for the removal of “potentially harmful” parts of the COMPETES Act, a vast China bill currently being debated.

She seeks to remove language that provides security assistance to nations that China opposes and requires the federal government to monitor Chinese nationals working in sensitive positions inside the United States.

Jacobs’s letter circulating among House members parrots calls from several leftist groups that are soft on Chinese interests, including Code Pink and The groups argue that the version of the bill pending in the Senate would “unnecessarily” increase international tensions while reducing “diplomatic flexibility” and contributing to a “growing climate” of anti-Asian racism.

Jacob’s proposed letter indicates the influence of extreme left groups among House Democrats regarding the Chinese agenda, including influencing official US policy. The pending House bill is already significantly softer toward China than the Senate version.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), a ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said that Code Pink should not be “directing American plans” regarding policy involving the Chinese Communist Party. He added that allowing far-left advocacy groups to influence the pending House bill will only drive Republicans from supporting it, leading to its failure.

Perhaps the most controversial part of Jacobs’ letter is the demand for removing any part of the bill that could “endanger the One China Policy.” That policy would recognize claims by China that Taiwan is a constituent part of China.

Another member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH), said that anyone could see that the Chinese Communist Party is “seeking to displace the free world” on the international stage. He urged House Democrats to work in a bipartisan manner to address strategies to “win the competition with the CCP.”