California Now Has a Chance to Turn Things Around

In many regards, the state of California has been underwater for years; some folks have even made the case that California reached the point of no turn long ago.

This view isn’t totally unfounded. For starters, the Golden State’s struggles with poverty, crime, and unaffordable living costs are very well-known. California even lost a seat in the US House of Representatives, due to the number of folks moving to other states.

Ultimately, what keeps California down are repeated election wins for left-wing Democrats. However, according to American Thinker, an opportunity has arrived for the Golden State to live up to its nickname.

A New GOP Lawmaker in California?
In the 49th congressional district of California, GOP candidate Chris Rodriguez is running for office. Rodriguez’s win in the primary would put him squarely up against Rep. Mike Levin (D-CA).

During an interview with American Thinker, the California Republican explained why he’s running for office and what he thinks he’ll be able to accomplish in the US House of Representatives.

Rodriguez, who carries the endorsement of several GOP political action committees, along with the California Republican Assembly, is ready to get to work. He told Newsmax about his support for border security, empowering parents via school choice, along with energy independence, and more.

Currently, there are several different GOP candidates in the primary election hoping to challenge Levin. However, Rodriguez is confident that he has the best shot of winning and then going on to represent California in Congress.

Will California Voters Do the Right Thing?
The odds of voters in the Golden State electing a Republican and voting out Levin are almost a tossup. On the one hand, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is a GOP lawmaker who was elected in California. McCarthy also has history with Rodriguez.

However, on the other hand, the Golden State is still deeply blue and very left-wing. Last year, California was given the chance to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom (D). Yet, the state chose to keep him in office.

Polls out of California show that many voters have issues with crime and homelessness rising in the community. However, whether or not these concerns are enough to change the minds of those voting blue remains to be seen.

First, Rodriguez has to make it through the primary election; this means beating out several other Republicans. However, if he’s able to do this, then America will see whether California chooses to send another GOP member to Congress.