Canada’s Tight COVID-19 Rules Are Far From Over

Many Americans can remember when the Canadian government faced mass protests from its truckers over COVID-19 restrictions. As it turns out, these blue-collar workers were sick of heavy-handed medical mandates that made their jobs and lives much harder than they needed to be.

Despite making international headlines, issues in Canada are far from over.

The government is still making and setting various edicts that people are expected to follow without question or exception. Those who don’t abide by these edicts also find themselves on the receiving end of the Canadian government’s wrath.

Sadly, this is something that one elderly woman is learning the hard way in the Great White North.

The Almighty Mandates Above All Else
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently determined that anyone entering the country needs to have the ArriveCan app downloaded to tell whether or not they are sick with COVID-19.

However, this posed a problem for one elderly and vaccinated Canadian woman, JoAnne Walsh. As it turns out, Walsh did not download the app, owing to the fact that many elderly folks don’t have cell phones, to begin with.

The Canadian government’s response to this was to let Walsh know that unless she downloaded the ArriveCan app, she’d end up facing two weeks of quarantined house arrest.

This happened despite this elderly Canadian woman being completely vaccinated and having proof of her vaccination status when coming back to her country.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the Canadian government has employed hefty, strict measures like this against its own people.

Weeks ago, Americans learned that many Canadian truckers who protested COVID-19 restrictions were allegedly having their bank accounts frozen by the government. The same was also reported as happening to people who donated to support truckers taking a stand.

Going in Circles?
At this point in time, there’s no telling when (or if) Canada will ever reconsider these stringent measures being put in place.

Already, reports exist of rising cases, despite people being vaccinated, boosted, and in some cases, double boosted.

There is no doubt that senior citizens who travel to Canada without cell phones are going to have a hard time downloading the ArriveCan app. Unfortunately for them, they too will likely end up facing a government-issued house arrest order.