Canadian Truck Protests Are ‘Coming To America’

Large groups assembled outside the Canadian consulate in NYC. The fight against the boy king Justin Trudeau is expanding. It is ironic that in the nation which has traditionally defended freedom, we are left to watch our socialist neighbors to the north fight against tyranny. Many Americans have been waiting for similar protests here in the states, but we have an FBI and DOJ who have threatened to jail anyone who speaks out against the federal government.

Justin Trudeau became the dictator of Canada recently when he enacted the Emergencies Act. He has the power to jail dissenters and seizes the property of protesters. Trudeau did not mention COVID-19 in his coup. Instead, he grants himself the power to force The Great Reset on Canadian citizens.

Now Americans have assembled before the Canadian consulate in NYC to voice their resistance to Trudeau’s takeover of Canada. His oppressive crackdown on the Freedom Convoy and his unconstitutional authorization of crisis powers should be rejected by the people of Canada.

The Canadian Parliament is not able to impeach Trudeau under the Canadian constitution. He serves at the pleasure of the Queen of England but does not expect Queen Elizabeth to ride to the rescue. She is happy to allow the plebes to suffer under the iron fist of Prime Minister Black Face. But in Canada, a vote of No Confidence demonstrates majority disapproval.

If Parliament objects to the PM and no longer agrees to his policies, they can reject him. To pass a vote of No Confidence prompts the fall of the occupant of the PM position. Trudeau will then be required to submit his resignation to the Governor-General of Canada and vacate the position. If he does not, the military should be authorized to remove him from all government buildings and place him under arrest for an attempted coup and insurrection.

In New York City, Americans communicated that they were standing with Canadians. We all should oppose Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He is a sick individual. His use of racial rhetoric and insane denunciations of protests in conjunction with his use of the Emergencies Act only demonstrates that he is wholly unfit for office.

Dissenters in America are waving Canadian and American banners, chanting, we won’t consent, we won’t comply, and lock him up. Others shouted at Trudeau that he does not represent Canadians. He has no right to become a dictator. He is disregarding human rights, personal freedom, and fundamental liberties. He assumed control over individuals’ occupations and livelihood, attempting to starve people to death. Now is the time to stop Trudeau. He has crossed the line. Canadians must stand up or kneel before Zod, referring to a Superman villain. Let’s find out what happens when we say no. Then the game stops. We have the power, not some tinpot petty tyrant. Canadians must reclaim the truth that authority does not come from political dunces. However, it does come from God. And this attack on freedom has gone too far. We have no king but Jesus.

Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act is unjust, preposterous, and unconstitutional. The Freedom Convoy truckers have sensible views; they want the travel restrictions lifted, the economic idiocy ended, COVID-19 mandates rejected, and their freedom restored. It is non-debatable. Trudeau’s assumption of wartime powers permits agents to freeze the finances and starve out anybody related to the protests. This sickness of tyrants will result in death unless Canada’s good men and women stand up.

America, take notice! It is your future if you do nothing today.