Carlson Announces New Program On Twitter

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson announced this week that he would be launching a new venture on Twitter.

Carlson said that the new show will be similar to his former program “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

The popular news personality plans to bring “a new version of the show to Twitter.”

The host made the announcement Tuesday, sparking millions of views and widespread attention. 

The video was simply entitled “We’re back.”

Carlson said that he was “grateful to be here” and that he was planning “some other things, too.” 

The former cable news host singled out Twitter owner Elon Musk for praise. Musk was one of the final interviews on Carlson’s previous program before it was taken off of Fox News. 

Carlson said that Twitter is one of the few social media companies that “allow free speech.”

The host talked about issues with modern media, including a number of topics that are not often discussed in local media. Carlson touched upon similar themes, including that the news media is “full of lies.”

Carlson regularly pulled the highest ratings for Fox News, and often the highest ratings for any cable news show. His dismissal was followed by an outpouring of support from a number of conservative political and media figures.

He argued that there is little freedom in the current media environment, and that “speech is the fundamental prerequisite for democracy.” 

The host added that corporate media structures often disallow disagreements. 

Carlson said that those who violate this arrangement “often enough” are fired. 

“That’s not a guess,” he said. “That’s guaranteed.”

While Carlson’s departure from Fox News caught many media observers by surprise, the host reportedly had been dismayed by the direction of the network for several years.

The anchor allegedly texted coworker Bret Baier that he was “stuck with Fox.” He allegedly wrote that he wished “I knew where to run.” 

The host’s high ratings led to significant offers from other media outlets, including Newsmax. 

The conservative-leaning news outlet has received a major boost in ratings since Carlson’s exit from Fox News.