Carlson Describes Suprise At Fox News Departure

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson spoke about his departure from his former network for the first time during a discussion with artist Russell Brand. During the interview, Carlson described his reaction to his dismissal as being “shocked, but I wasn’t really shocked.”

The popular anchor said that his dismissal was not “the first time I’ve been fired.”

However, he said that he was not “mad” at the result, adding that “when you work for someone else that person deserves the right, and in fact inherently has the right to decide if you work there or not.” 

“I don’t know why I was fired, I really don’t,” Carlson told Brand. “I’m not angry about it.”

Despite leaving the news network, Carlson said that he has been happy since his departure. The host said that he’s spent his time fishing and with his dogs and family.

In May, attorneys representing Carlson reportedly sent his former network a letter accusing Fox News of fraud and breach of contract.

The letter allegedly argues that Fox News executives made “material representations” to Carlson that they later broke. 

This included a reported agreement between the network and the former host that Fox would not release his private correspondence or use it to “take any adverse employment action against him.”

The former Fox News host has seen considerable success in his transition to Twitter. Carlson has since launched the popular program “Tucker on Twitter”

The host’s exit also resulted in a significant decline in Fox News’ ratings. The network recently announced that it would name anchor Jesse Watters to permanently fill the 8 p.m. slot formerly held by Carlson.

Last month, Carlson also received praise from former President Donald Trump, who described Carlson’s statements about his federal indictment as “exactly right.”

Carlson had called the 37-count indictment “transparently political” on his new Twitter program. 

“So, Joe Biden is doing what no president has ever dared to do,” the host said. “He’s using law enforcement power to lock up his chief rival. That’s happening right now.”