Carlson Receives High ‘Ratings’ In Twitter Debut

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson debuted his new show “Tucker on Twitter” this week. The journalist received considerable attention and focused on a number of topics, including the war in Europe and the possible existence of UFOs.

The debut received more than 750,000 likes on his first video and about 100 million views. If these views were compared to traditional cable news ratings, Carlson would be far and away the number one slot.

During the first episode, Carlson focused much of his discussion on the current war between Russia and Ukraine. In particular, Carlson argued that Ukraine most likely destroyed a major dam in the southern part of the country.

The former Fox News host argued that while the destruction of the dam was bad for Ukraine, its destruction threatened Moscow’s control over Crimea. Carlson implied that such factors made it more likely that Ukraine destroyed the infrastructure.

Carlson also argued that the traditional media consensus supporting Ukraine represented a major reason why the nation seems “dysfunctional.”

“Secrecy is a powerful tool of control,” he said.

“It is unhealthy, and it is dehumanizing, and we’re tired of it,” Carlson continued.

Furthermore, Carlson argued that his new platform on Twitter allowed for a wider reach and compared it to the use of shortwave radios to get information in the Soviet Union.

The new platform allows for a wide-ranging audience to see Carlson’s show in a vastly different media landscape than at Fox News. The first episode was a continuous monologue and contrasted in some ways with his former program.

For instance, the former Fox host was recently caught on camera rebuilding a barn on his property into a new studio. Carlson had to refit his Maine barn after Fox News employees allegedly took apart his former studio.

In addition to his popular program “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the host also hosted “Tucker Carlson Originals,” which allowed him to go into more detail on a number of topics or host extended interviews. The program was shot in a rural atmosphere, similar to a barn.