Carlson: Trump’s Ascent ‘Most Significant Thing’ In American Politics

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson described the ascent of former President Donald Trump as a groundbreaking political event, while also staying mostly quiet about the role of the 2024 Republican primary.

The host told artist Russell Brand that “looking back on this ten years from now, assuming we’re still around, I think we are going to see Trump’s emergence as the most significant thing to happen in American politics in 100 years because he reoriented the Republican party against the wishes of Republican leaders.”

The anchor also praised the former president’s foreign policy views, stating that he had the “stature” regarding foreign policy decisions, including the current war between Russia and Ukraine.

Carlson said that he was rooting for the former president to earn the Republican nomination and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to win the Democratic Party nomination for president.

“Well, I love Trump, personally,” he said.

Despite the comments, Carlson said that he “made a huge mistake last November in getting involved in American politics.” 

He called his comments on the 2022 midterm election as something he had “never done before,” including predicting the winners of significant races. 

“And I was wrong on almost every call,” he said, describing himself as “not a very astute political analyst.” 

“I’m not interested in politics,” he said. “I never have been interested in politics. I’m interested in ideas. I’m interested in people.” 

The former Fox News star said that he does not plan to say “one word” about the 2024 primary.

Since leaving the network in April, Carlson received considerable attention in his move to social media. The former host’s new program, “Tucker on Twitter,” received millions of views.

Carlson also received a cease-and-desist letter from Fox News. 

The news network argued that Carlson could not produce content outside of Fox News until his contract expires at the end of 2024. 

Carlson’s attorney Harmett Dhillon said that Fox News was “doubling down on the most catastrophic programming decision in the history of cable news.” 

She also stated that the network is “demanding that Tucker Carlson be silent until after the 2024 election.” 

“Tucker will not be silenced by anyone,” she said.