Cartel Scouts are Bombarding the US-Mexico Border

With the Ukraine war, January 6, and other propaganda filling up the news waves, a very significant crisis is quietly being swept under the rug.

The border crisis escalates to extreme levels and crimes, drugs, and cartels are infiltrating American society.

Mexican cartels ramp up their game by paying scouts to check out the U.S.-Mexican border and report their findings.

Oddly, the cartel sometimes uses video games to try and recruit potential scouts. Messages are sent to unsuspecting gamer platers and the cartel attempts to manipulate them into becoming a scout for large sums of money. Minors are an easy target to be persuaded without their parents’ knowledge.

“We have identified a situation that is worrying us that girls, boys and adolescents are not denouncing these behaviors that are manifesting for fear of being scolded by their parents, of being exposed within society and being singled out,” Director of the Cyber Police in Oaxaca Mauricio Valdez said to outlet Telemundo.

One instance involved a 13-year-old boy who the cartel contacted through a video game chat. They then moved the discussion to the WhatsApp and the boy also brought his friends in on the scheme.

The youngest child involved was just 11 years old and they were paid $800 a month to act as scouts for a cartel leader named Moreno. The scouts’ job was to tell the cartel leaders if they saw law enforcement present at border crossing spots.

If the scouting was successful, the drug bosses told the kids they could sell the drugs.

“He told us that they were going to put us in a tree or a mountain to see how many police or military officers were going there. We were going to count how many went inside. They told me that after I was a scout, they would promote me, and, when I was ready, they would teach me how to shoot,” the 13-year-old said.

The boy then disappeared, which prompted his mother to call the authorities. He ultimately was rescued, but the cartel still remains at large.

Cartels and illegal immigrants have little stopping them these days and it shows in the increased crime and chaos in border towns.