Catholics Are Sending Roses To Pelosi To Highlight Her Abortion Hypocrisy

The current administration, extending to the Speaker of the House, isn’t following their Catholic faith in an honorable way. What this does is allow others to defy their religion as well. It’s interesting to see this take place on the top levels of government because it changes the perception of religion as a whole.

Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden have been pro-abortion for a long time. It’s a political play that has turned into a real belief.

The New International Version of the Christian bible says, “For you created my inner being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb” in Psalms 139:13. That sounds very pro-life to most people, but it seems Pelosi has lost its translation.

To push Pelosi to change her position on abortion, San Franciso Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and California-based Benedict XVI Institute are joining together to send 7,700 roses to Washington, D.C. to Pelosi to mark the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patroness of America and the unborn. They’ve also said they will send 100 roses per day until Pelosi changes her position.

It is a genius idea. Not only does it make her look at them every day, but it also encourages the other Catholic people in this country to stand by their faith rather than their politicians.

The arrogance of the government officials who are Catholic and Democrat has led to criticism over the abortion debate and personal religious beliefs. It’s a sign that the country is getting away from religion and seems manufactured. It’s hard to believe that leaders like Biden and Pelosi are religious at all with their actions. Biden has had questionable moral actions with Ukraine and Burisma and Pelosi with the mask mandates and many more issues.

In October, the Benedict XVI Institute started sending roses to Pelosi for every person who signed the petition to pledge one rosary a week and fast on Fridays for Pelosi’s change of heart.

The Archbishop told the Washington Free Beacon, “I would hope that through her, all of America will see that the correct answer to a crisis pregnancy is not violence, but love surrounding her with love and support of all kinds so that she can bring her kid into the light of day.”

The Hyde Act wasn’t included in Biden’s 2022 spending budget, which would have stopped federal funding for abortions, and that tells you exactly where these politicians hold their morals and values.