Cenk Uygur Thinks He’s Cute

The idea of doing everything “right” during COVID-19 is ridiculous. We’re not robots like the left would have you believe, and one thing that’s right for one person isn’t right for the next. It’s not scientific or even remotely factual to say that the answer to the COVID-19 pandemic is a one size fits all solution.

Then again, there’s Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks. He’s not like most people, and he’s not aware that you can contract, get sick, and even spread COVID-19 if you’re vaccinated.

Cenk tweeted, “Unvaccinated clowns who are causing a giant Omicron surge are now tweeting “Congratulations Joe” as if it’s Biden’s fault. OK, do you want him to lock all of you down? Since the right-wing is more diseased and contagious, he could take strong action, and then you would cry even more.”

Biden has been told for months that his COVID-19 lockdown and mandates are unconstitutional and illegal. If Biden does much more, then it will be civil wartime. Americans are sick of the federal and state government mandating them to do anything. COVID-19 is almost over. The federal government has admitted that COVID-19 can’t be solved on the federal level and states are pretty well done with it besides a few. Local governments are pushing the vaccine passports in Boston, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and many others. Isn’t it funny that these are all Democrat-run cities?

Cenk suggests that Biden will lock down the opposing political party. There would be no faster way to start an armed conflict in the United States than for that to happen. Even suggesting such a thing should ban you from society but shows the difference between Cenk and many Republicans’ free speech. Cenk should be able to say whatever he wants to say. So should we. That’s how it works. If your feelings get hurt, then strengthen your emotions. Otherwise, stay in your mother’s basement.

High populated cities are being hit the worst with COVID-19, and thank God it’s a weaker variant. More people than ever are testing positive even with the “life-saving” vaccine, and a large percentage of people in the United States are being vaccinated. It’s not exactly funny, but come on, we told you, didn’t we?

It is the most significant case of “I told you so” that we’ve ever seen unless you want to include defunding the police. That was a good one, too.