Cheney Avoids Secret Service Testimony against ‘Star’ Witness’ Claims

As the narrative pushed by Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Committee continues to crumble, one of the two RINO members she selected to serve has become less willing to boast about which witnesses the committee will include in its orchestrated presentation.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) refused to provide comment on the prospect of allowing members of the Secret Service to testify before the committee after two agents disputed the hearsay story presented this week.

Cheney appeared to discuss the hearings and the committee’s work before a friendly audience in a Thursday interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” She was asked to comment on whether the two agents would be called to clear up the discrepancies between what they have said publicly and the testimony on Tuesday by Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Cheney said that the committee has spoken with “Mr. Ornato and Mr. Engel, and we welcome additional testimony, under oath.” She was referring to the two agents who have said they are prepared to testify that President Trump did not assault either of them or lunge at the steering wheel of the president’s limousine in an attempt to travel to the Capitol Building on January 6.

When she was pressed on whether the testimony would be live and in a public hearing, she only said that it would be important for it to be under oath.

Although Hutchinson was not present in the vehicle, she testified that she was told that Trump exploded at Engel when he told the president he could not go to the Capitol. She described Trump’s response as being “very strong, very angry.” She said that she was told the president “lunged” for the steering wheel in an attempt to take control of the vehicle.

Attorney Jody Hunt, a former Trump Justice Department official, represents Hutchinson and posted a tweet saying the persons with first-hand knowledge of the events should also testify before the committee. Hunt wrote that his client simply “recounted what she was told.”

Even though the story Hutchinson told is ridiculous on its face and probably not physically possible given the design of the presidential limousine, the corporate media has fawned over it as another “bombshell.”

Richard Grenell was Trump’s director of national intelligence, and posted a tweet asking why no members of the committee bothered to ask if Cheney “had proof.” He noted that Hutchinson was pressured by Cheney to lie under oath, and the “performance collapsed in an hour.”