China Pays Off News Media to Advertise in USA Today

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to release its propaganda through American news channels.

USA Today, one of the most prominent papers in the United States, sold out to China and agreed to publish propaganda pieces.

The Washington Beacon posted filings from the Department of Justice that showed the communist country spent a whopping $287,500, which the establishment media seemed to receive happily. The Beijing newspaper propaganda machine has also paid places such as the Los Angeles Times, Foreign Policy magazine and Time.

Huge news outlets such as the Washington Post, New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have all taken money from China Daily in the past. It’s unknown how long Chinese propaganda has slipped its way into the homes of the American people and just how much influence was gained.

China has had its claws into the United States for quite some time now and under the Trump administration, it appeared like the tides were finally turning. However, with Biden now in office, it seems like the Communist Party’s plan is back in full swing.

The DOJ was able to find that since late 2016, China Daily has spent more than $19 million on advertising and distribution.

Between November 2021 and April 2022, China Daily has spent over 1.5 million advertising on some of America’s most significant news distributors.

Once the heat was put on USA Today after their communist-related deal was made public, the outlet put out an attempt to save face.

“We will not blur the line between advertising and editorial content,” USA Today‘s code of ethical conduct reads. “We will provide appropriate disclosures, exercise transparency, and avoid actual or implicit commercial endorsements by our journalists. When sponsorships of news are appropriate, we will not allow them to determine, change, or restrict content.”

USA Today did not answer where China’s content is in the paper, so the public is still in the dark about what exactly China is promoting. There are also questions about conflict of interest, but once again, the American news outlet in question failed to address those concerns.

As the establishment media continues to lose the trust of the public and transparency goes down, making deals with communist China certainly can’t help their credibility at this point.