China Reaches Out To North Korea

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping is reaching out to North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un to promote stronger relations between the two repressive regimes. Xi messaged Kim to say that China would like to reach a “common understanding” with highly seclusive North Korea.

Xi said that he wants the two nations to discuss supportive relations and cooperation in a “new situation,” according to reporting from Fox News. Xi responded to a message from Kim congratulating the Chinese government on the recently concluded 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

The North Korean compliments on the Olympics came even though the International Olympic Committee had banned the nation from the games because of its refusal to participate in the Tokyo Summer Olympics last year because of stated concerns about COVID-19.

Kim said North Korea looks forward to joining China in “bilateral strategic cooperation” to “frustrate the undisguised hostile policies” and threats from the US and its allies. Kim said that an alliance with China would create a relationship amounting to “the invincible one.”

The message to North Korea came just a day after Xi sent an offer of support to Russian President Vladimir Putin in his country’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine. Xi and Putin met during the Beijing Olympics and reportedly agreed to work together on mutual national goals. Afterward, they issued a joint statement that said the friendship between their two nations has “no limits” and “no forbidden areas of cooperation.”

Coinciding with the message from Xi, North Korea has allegedly begun testing ballistic missiles and other weapon systems again.

Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi recently said that North Korea has been conducting “frequent launches” of missiles since the beginning of the year. He is reported to believe that Kim has restarted weapons testing recently because of the heightened focus of the international community on the crisis in Ukraine. He described North Korea’s use of the conflict as cover for its aggressive acts as “absolutely unforgivable.”