“China Style”: House Dem Proposes Forcing Sterilization Of Men That Have More Than Three Kids

Now that the Covid-19 mandates are in full swing, a Democrat from Pennsylvania is pushing for vasectomies for men who have three children or turn 40. There’s nowhere the Democrats won’t go to ensure they can inject or mutilate someone’s body with zero repercussions. If any politician goes to mandating a personal surgical procedure, they should immediately be removed from office.  

Chris Rabb (D-PA) suggested this communist proposal because he says wrongful pregnancy is driving overpopulation. Rabb also noted the double standard and is trying to hold men accountable for their actions.  

Rabb put forth the upcoming bill in part by inspiration from Representative Kelly Cassidy’s (D-IL) account that would place a $10,000 civil award to someone who commits acts of domestic violence, physical assault, unintended pregnancy, or anyone who enables those acts. With false accusations of domestic violence and physical assault running rampant after the “Me Too” movement to include regretful intercourse, who’s to say that the “acts” aren’t made up? Most states have to arrest, and these civil awards are going to be spun out of control. 

Everyone has seen video evidence of a female or man harming themselves in an attempt to call the police and file a fake report to get someone arrested. The defense for such cases is often fragile and repeatedly can’t be proven or disproven through the victim’s claims. That isn’t diminishing domestic violence or physical assault. Both are horrendous, but raising such an awards-based system on a shaky foundation is harmful to the victims.  

The Chinese Communist Party already has a mandate in place for these things. China has recently upped the limit of children that their citizens can have to 3. It is a big step for them as they would force abort or sterilize citizens to make sure they followed the rules. It should never come to America.  

Pennsylvania has a large Amish population as well. The Amish have a long history of natural birth, refusal of birth control, and large families. It would limit the Amish’s ability to live, love, and reproduce at the rate they choose and disrupt the Amish community that has been in Pennsylvania for years.  

Imagine if this bill was reversed. The bill would go nowhere, and everyone would be outraged if the statement suggested a woman would have to have her tubes tied after three kids. Feminists would come out in the thousands to protest the bill, and men would also stand against it.  

The bill won’t pass. Even if it did, the Supreme Court would stop it very quickly. Still, the fact that it’s even a consideration or a “parody” is insulting to taxpayers who are paying Rabb to be their representative. If he wastes his time on this, he needs to be removed from office for that simple fact alone on the next voting cycle.