Chinese Hackers Got Biden Cornered

According to the US government, the European Union, and the United Kingdom, China was recently accused of a severe cyber-attack. The cyber-attack targeted Microsoft exchange servers, affecting at least 30,000 firms worldwide.

According to the western security services, it is believed that these cyber-attacks are not just an espionage campaign. Instead, it is an active attempt of raiding as much of the national security as possible as a hit-and-run scenario. It is also thought that these invasions are taking place with the Chinese government’s help and are thus gathering momentum.

Previously, the Russians and the Chinese were also blamed for such invasive cyber activity by the United States and Britain. Now, the European Union has also joined in on the coordinated blame game against the Chinese. This recent attack is believed to have been done by the Chinese hackers, is considered the most potent attack by Western intelligence agencies.

According to the White House, the American software, SolarWinds, which provides the business with an infrastructure to manage their networks, systems, and information technology, is noted to have been previously hacked by a group of hackers, according to the White House, which reportedly had a Russian origin. But ironically, the sales of American IT security software have significantly increased worldwide.

The point of emphasis here is that despite America’s efforts to make SolarWinds more secure after the first hacking attempt, how were the Chinese hackers able to breach the security systems once again? One way to look at it could be that Biden is trying to calm the situation inside his own country by setting up a hoax. Maybe he is trying to unite the whole of America once again by lying about the security breach. It would make more sense because SolarWinds is now being sold more widely than ever before with its advanced security services. Launching another cyberattack against it would need a lot more effort and danger, especially now that the EU and the UK publicly call out the Chinese.

This false and made-up accusation by the President of the US against the Chinese may have worked in his favor, but it will soon backfire in his face when people start questioning the apparent details and find out about his play.