Civilian Volunteers Evacuate 39 American Citizens And Legal Residents Stranded In Afghanistan

Earlier this year, Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal of American military forces from Afghanistan has left behind an unknown number of American citizens and legal permanent residents in the war-torn nation. A civilian volunteer group successfully evacuated a group of 39 on Friday.

Project Dynamo is the group that got the evacuees through to JFK airport in New York City. The group is funded by Save Our Allies and is affiliated with the Independence Fund. The group escaping Afghanistan included over a dozen minors and one American citizen child only 11 months old.

James Judge is a spokesman for Project Dynamo who said that the operation is the first major airlift rescue mission involving Americans assisting evacuees inside Afghanistan since the final abandonment of the country back in August. The group says that it has helped more than 2,000 citizens and permanent residents escape from Afghanistan.

Project Dynamo sent two team members into Afghanistan from a staging area in a nearby undisclosed country earlier last week. They rounded up American evacuees staying at a safe house with friendly volunteers in Kabul.

The evacuees were given COVID-19 vaccinations and tested for infection before flying out of the Kabul airport. The group was airlifted by two flights paid for by Berry Aviation.

Last week, the Biden administration had to admit that hundreds of American citizens and permanent legal residents have been left behind in Afghanistan. The numbers currently disclosed by the State Department far exceed the estimates given by Biden and White House officials at the time of the final military withdrawal this summer.

The suicide bomb attack at the Kabul airport’s Abbey Gate on August 26 killed 13 American service members and injured more than 18, making it the deadliest day for service members in the country in the last ten years.