Classic Dementia Symptoms Spotted In Biden

According to Lead author Muireann Irish, Biden is displaying classic symptoms of Dementia, who has described Biden’s symptoms in terms of Cognitive decline causing significant changes to the brain function. He is showing signs of memory loss, and according to some of his interviews made public, he has a severe lack of empathy.

Ever since the US’s failed withdrawal from Afghanistan, he has been least interested in giving a clear answer to any of the questions. His responses were cold and delusional during public addresses on his vacation in Camp Davis and even afterward with George Stephanopoulos. Stephanopoulos released some unedited snippets of the interview in which when asked if the Afghanistan situation was priced into the decision, Biden gave a simple ‘yes’ answer to it. It followed with certain remarks from his side about the US citizens trapped in the country, which he declared as their stake to reach the airport. Moreover, when asked about his response about the Afghans falling to their death after clinging to the US aircraft, Biden said it was four days ago. It’s almost as if the man has lost the ability to exhibit even the slightest bit of empathy.

Another snippet from the interview with Stephanopoulos was also definitive of Biden’s deteriorating cognitive abilities. When told that the Special Forces Officer agreed with Biden’s decision of withdrawal but had hoped to withdraw with honor, Biden started rambling about his dead son Beau’s military service. His son’s entire exposition was filled with factual errors, and he even struggled to remember the essential details. He said that his son had served as Navy Captain, corrected it to the Army, and confused his service in Iraq with Afghanistan. The man failed to utter a few lines about his son without making apparent mistakes. The entire interview was reflective of his Dementia.

The US nation is on the verge of chaos, and Biden is responsible for pushing it to the brink. It was hoped that his administration would advise him properly against a poor decision, but none of them could do anything to stop him. Even Vice President Kamala Harris played a vital role in the military withdrawal, and she doesn’t even have any mental illness. The entire administration is responsible for the botched army withdrawal and ill-planned withdrawal. The US arsenal and artillery can get into the hands of its enemies and the Afghans that helped the Americans in the past 20 years are under threat of execution.

It isn’t where it ends. The US citizens trapped in Afghanistan are potential hostages to the Taliban. The rights of Afghan women and children are under serious threat as extremist laws are imposed upon them by the Taliban. The US has turned a blind eye towards these issues and has not only failed their citizens in Afghanistan but has also let down their allies affiliated with the Afghan situation by keeping them in the dark about the withdrawal discourse. In the coming days, America will hopefully unfold from the dream and see the accurate picture of the Biden Administration and its disgraceful failures.