CNN Confirms Biden’s Energy Policies Aid Russia

Since Joe Biden took the White House, he’s established a pattern of energy policies that put American interests on the back burner.

While Biden destroyed the Keystone XL pipeline, he gave the all-clear for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s favored Nord Stream 2 pipeline to proceed with operations.

Despite Biden’s refusal to work with domestic oil suppliers here in the United States, he’s got no qualms about going overseas and begging foreign nations for oil. Many of these nations, such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, don’t exactly harbor any fond feelings for America.

As it turns out, the president’s energy policies have gotten so out of hand that they’re being condemned by CNN itself.

CNN on Biden-era Energy Reforms
Since the current president’s time in office, CNN has gradually shifted from defending Biden to criticizing him.

CNN host Fareed Zakaria, for instance, warned that Biden’s sanctions against Russia lack teeth because they cannot hurt the government of Russia more than they can hurt Russian citizens.

Putin, meanwhile, cares far more about the former than the latter. Zakaria, after pointing this out, expressed that Russia’s energy cannot be wholly sanctioned because its entire economy is based on energy.

The CNN host later revealed that so long as western countries keep purchasing energy from Russia, the nation will continue to gain from worldwide upticks in energy prices.

According to estimates, the Russian regime is set to incur a $49 billion gain in energy profits this year, compared to what it collected in 2021.

Finally, Zakaria warned that Biden is directly responsible for sabotaging oil and gas production here in the United States.

Similar Feedback From Republicans
Despite Zakaria’s employment with left-wing CNN, his latest statements align with much of what Republicans have been saying.

Biden’s been repeatedly called upon to reinstate policies that enable domestic energy production here in the United States.

The president’s refusal to embrace these policies comes in spite of multiple energy suppliers reaching out to him and confirming they’d be more than happy to work together.

Zakaria’s warnings about the ineffectiveness of sanctions against Russia were previously and ironically confirmed months ago by the Russian regime itself.

When reports of these sanctions first began, the Russian ambassador to Sweden, Viktor Tatarintev, expressly said Putin didn’t care about western sanctions.