CNN Silently Suspended Contributor For Criticizing Jeffrey Toobin

A conservative CNN contributor has revealed that former CNN president Jeff Zucker silently suspended her for publicly criticizing the left-wing news network’s embrace of Jeffrey Toobin, the legal analyst who was caught touching himself on a Zoom call with his co-workers.

In a post on her Substack on Thursday, CNN contributor Mary Katherine Ham stated that she had learned about her quiet suspension in July of this year.

This was approximately seven months after Ham mysteriously disappeared from CNN after getting into a public argument with a colleague, Andrew Kaczynski. While her argument was mostly about CNN’s treatment of the January 6 Capitol riot compared to the 2017 congressional baseball shooting — in which five people were shot, including Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) — Ham also called out the network for allowing Toobin back on air despite his disturbing actions.

“It came to my attention in July that I had been punished under old CNN leadership— kept off air since January— for tweeting about Jeffrey Toobin in a Twitter dust-up with Andrew Kaczynski (another CNN employee) regarding our network’s coverage of the 2017 Congressional baseball shooting,” Ham wrote in her post.

The conservative contributor went on to assert that she was not aware of Zucker’s actions in quietly suspending her until she was told about it by CNN’s new leadership. Ham said that the suspension was not related to her comments about CNN’s treatment of the two incidents or her public argument with Kaczynski, but specifically was in response to her remarks about Toobin.

“Rather, I’m told, ‘when it got to the comments about Jeffrey Toobin…everyone wanted a bit of a breather,’” she wrote.

“Well, everyone but me, who had no idea there was a breather in effect,” Ham added. “I was never informed of my punishment until it was rescinded recently by new management. No one called me or my representation about it. There was no announcement of a suspension, or notification of in-house disciplinary action, which I would have preferred, even welcomed by comparison to serving a secret sentence.”

Toobin received an eight month suspension from CNN for his actions, which was just one month more than Ham was given for criticizing him.

Ham noted that she chose to make her suspension public because she didn’t want her friends or colleagues to think that she had not been appearing on CNN for a serious violation.

“My takeaway was that I wanted younger women to see that I spoke up about my treatment when warranted and survived, even thrived,” the conservative contributor concluded. “Among those young women are my three daughters. I can’t tell them this story in good conscience if it ends with ‘Mom went right back to work with a smile on her face after that.’ I don’t get a rehabilitation interview to reflect on my absence or to plug a book, as Toobin did, but I can write this.”