CNN’s Abby Phillip Criticizes President Biden for Rising Gas Prices

Last Sunday, CNN host Abby Phillip criticized President Biden for not taking responsibility for the all-time high fuel prices.

President Biden praised the optimistic report on Friday which highlighted that the United States economy has gained over 400,000 jobs in March. But according to the official government data, the report is false and deceptive.

During the CNN’s show “Inside Politics Sunday,” political reporter Hans Nichols from Axios stated that the news which reflects a growing US economy is essentially untrue and insignificant due to inflation and high gas costs. Nichols’ remarks were acknowledged by Abby Phillip.

Nichols added that Americans are only concerned with numbers regarding the gas prices, and these high prices are the real reflection of the economy, as that’s what an American consumer sees daily.

Moreover, Phillip also spoke about a survey conducted by Quinnipiac University. Philip explained that the results reveal that Americans don’t think this price hike is connected to the Ukraine, as 41% of Americans believe Biden’s weak policies are the cause. Only 24% of respondents think that it’s because of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, and 24% believe that oil companies are increasing the gas prices.

Democrats are likely to suffer politically as a result of American voters blaming Joe Biden for the nation’s economic troubles.

According to generic ballot polls for the upcoming midterms, Americans think that the U.S. is heading toward disaster, and they are looking at the GOP to save the U.S. economy.