Cohen Says People ‘Flying Out Of Windows” In Second Trump Term

Former attorney to former President Donald Trump Michael Cohen said this week that a second Trump administration would be very dangerous. The comment came as some Republicans have called for an investigation into officials prosecuting the former president.

Cohen said in a weekend media interview that “people will start flying out of windows” or jailed if Trump was elected again.

The comment appeared to be a comparison to events in Russia under current President Vladimir Putin. A number of Putin’s opponents have died due to mysteriously falling out of windows or have been jailed.

“All of these people whether it is ]Sen.] Marco Rubio (R-FL), [House Speaker] Mike Johnson (R-FL), Mark Meadows have all said disparaging things about Donald Trump at one point in time. they believe that if Donald Trump wins and they are shoulder to shoulder with him, that they will have unlimited power which would of course give them the ability to have unlimited resources and assets.”

“One mistake that they are making, Donald Trump doesn’t share. It is all about him, not about his kids, not about his family, it is all about him,” he added.

Cohen said that high-profile Republicans would support Trump hoping to achieve some power for themselves “through money, through connections and so forth. It does not work that way.”

“He will not allow that and just like Putin, once you start to get too big for your own britches, people will start flying out of windows, they will end up in gulags. As Donald says all the time, send them to Gitmo, send them to Guantanamo Bay,” he said.

Cohen said that there could be the end of traditional media if Trump was elected because “he doesn’t want to har anything negative being said about him.”

Cohen was a key witness during the New York criminal case against the former president. Cohen accused Trump of falsifying records related to an alleged brief relationship he had with former adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

The Trump legal team pointed out that Cohen was a felon himself who had previously admitted lying to a court. Trump’s attorneys dismissed Cohen’s testimony.

Cohen had previously admitted to stealing from the Trump Organization. He is one of Trump’s favorite targets.