“Come Here American, Let Me Whisper In Your Ear”: Is Probably Biden’s New Rap Song

President Joe Biden can’t help himself from being awkward, condescending, and at times, racist. There’s no doubt that Biden’s mental capabilities aren’t what they used to be, and Biden shouldn’t be greeting people at the door at Walmart, much less leading the country. There are even more calls after Biden has taken the microphone after the past couple of times. Surprisingly, anyone allows him to. Maybe that’s why Biden only takes pre-selected questions.

Biden responded, “Very few schools are closing when asked about school closures. Over 95% are still open.”

Even odder, Biden still whispered the answer!

Why does he keep doing this? Is he being sarcastic or trying to be demeaning? It doesn’t make sense.

Biden also said, “So you guys phrase the question when, I don’t suppose on purpose, but you phrase the question when everyone watches this on television. All of those schools have to close.”

Statistical data is essential and Biden’s previous statements about the adverse effects on minority populations when schools close.

Chicago public schools have switched to remote learning again, leaving 347,484 students without a classroom. Doesn’t Biden think that’s a big deal? Even worse is the large number of school districts that provide students with learning. But it doesn’t matter anymore.

Biden’s consistency is part of the enormous problem here. Biden can’t remember what he’s said and how he’d said it. You can tell by how he talks about the 2022 midterm election and the possibility of fraud after speaking highly of the secure 2020 election. It’s hypocritical and gives no credibility for anything that he has to say if there was any left as it sits right now.

Biden’s history of whispering should bother you. If it doesn’t, then there might be something wrong with you. To find the other times Biden whispered at Americans, and a video has been compiled for your viewing pleasure.

You would assume that yelling is more offensive, but whispering has become worse. It would honestly be better if Biden went up on stage and didn’t even speak and just stood there and looked at the press.

It’s becoming difficult for Biden’s staff to tell him anything, which gets through to him. You have to know they’ve spoken to him about this. The fact that it’s not registering is way worse.