Computer Shop Owner Who Turned In Hunter’s Laptop Taking Legal Action

The computer shop owner who handed over Hunter Biden’s laptop to the FBI is now being falsely accused of being part of a Russian disinformation campaign. The shop owner is currently looking to take action against the media outlets and politicians who are behind these accusations.

A few weeks before the 2020 presidential election, the New York Post released the Hunter Biden laptop story. Since then, Democrats and many media outlets have worked tirelessly to brush it under the rug as Russian disinformation.

In a letter obtained by the media, around 50 former senior intelligence personnels expressed that this case was a Russian disinformation scenario. Although there was no evidence to support this claim, the media ate it up.

Even though the then-Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, argued that this case was not part of a disinformation campaign but was the actual truth, many mainstream news outlets ignored the possibility. They paid no heed to this side of the story. The news media only began to vaguely listen when hardcore proof from the laptop was put forward.

According to the New York Post, the computer shop owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, filed a defamation lawsuit earlier this week on Tuesday, against those who falsely accused him. This list included Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), Politico, CNN, and The Daily Beast.

Mac Isaac’s attorney, Brain Della Roca, said that his client is hoping to receive at least $1 million in compensatory damages. He further added that the punitive damages would be much more significant once the trial is in motion.

He claims his client had to shut down his business after the story broke. Mac Isaac suffered immensely because of the false information being spread against him. He has accused Schiff of spreading a lie through CNN that Russia is behind the laptop story. He also accused CNN for running a false story that reflected him as a traitor who is working for Russians.

Politico is charged with obtaining a false letter by former intelligence personnels who argued the laptop story was Russian disinformation. Moreover, the Daily Beast is being sued for claiming the laptop was stolen.

Mac Isaacs has lost his friends, family, business, and reputation, and he is seeking compensation for the damages caused by the false accusations of the defendants, according to Rocca. His attorney hopes to show that the accused politicians and media organizations had malicious intent.