Congratulations To That Anti-DeSantis Group’s Pro-Freedom Ad

An ad has been circulating that shows Florida Governor Ron Desantis’ dangerous freedom of choice in Florida. What did the Democrats think the anti-Desantis ad would benefit? The ad goes through the “Florever purge” meant to mimic “The Purge” movies. It shows how Florida has no vaccine mandates, mask mandates, or vaccine passports. In other words, medical choice exists. 

A group named “Remove Ron” thanked anti-mask trolls for sharing the video and bringing awareness to their anti-DeSantis plan, but they missed the part that makes DeSantis look incredible. Even Democrats and pro-vaccine people are sick and tired of Covid-19 vaccine mandates, especially when employers fire people who don’t want to get the vaccine. 

The risk versus reward, especially for young, healthy people, isn’t worth it in some age groups. Young people have reported over 9,000 cases of side effects to VAERS, and at least 900 had severe side effects. The fact remains that the Covid-19 vaccines are still under emergency use  (EUA), and the federal government has little authority on mandating the Covid-19 vaccine under the EUA. It is why the federal government is pushing businesses to require the vaccine and give an alternative to taking it. 

Not only is DeSantis not mandating masks or vaccines, but he has banned school boards and businesses from mandating masks or vaccines as well. Currently, Florida has a 1.5% death rate from Covid-19, according to the most recent numbers. That’s 3.58 million cases with 55,299 deaths. Without mandates, that’s comparable to California’s numbers (1.4% death rate with 4.75 million cases and 69,387 deaths), where there are mask mandates in schools and public places. 

California has a higher population of 18 million people (Florida with 21.48 million and California with 39.51 million), yet Florida has a large population of elderly because it’s a retirement state. Florida’s median age is much higher than California, and Covid-19 negatively affects older people at a much higher rate than younger people, which shows that Florida isn’t wrong in its lack of mandates.

Maybe the point has been made that fewer mandates provide a better outcome, and we’re thankful that “Remove Ron” has made the point for us. 

Florida has also provided better options for healthcare other than the Covid-19 vaccine. Regeneron and Ivermectin have been used in Florida to treat Covid-19 without the Covid-19 vaccine, and it’s had great success. 

When you watch the video, it shows life as it was before the Covid-19 pandemic. While some people can barely remember life before the pandemic, others can’t wait to get out of the current political climate we’re in. Yes, political, there’s nothing scientific about what’s going on right now. Antibody presence has to be a priority when determining options for Covid-19. If it’s not considered, then it’s not about science. It’s been about control, and the video that Remove Ron put out shows that.