Conservative Immigration Group Denied Access to Slack

Many Americans in the conservative movement are at least somewhat familiar with the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

This organization centers around defending American interests, limiting the amount of immigration into the country, and upholding immigration laws that exist on the books. On top of this, FAIR also keeps its audience in the loop about the various dangers stemming from illegal immigration.

Naturally, there are many folks who dislike FAIR and what it stands for. They would be all too thrilled to see the group yanked down from the internet entirely and censored into oblivion.

Unfortunately, the workplace messaging company known as Slack appears to fall into this category. Countless workplaces, businesses, and teams use Slack for communication and project purposes.

Yet, Slack has determined that FAIR no longer has any business utilizing the services it offers.

Slack Gives FAIR the Boot
At this time, Slack is being slammed by conservatives for booting FAIR off of its platform. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the company released an official statement explaining the reasoning behind this decision.

According to Slack, FAIR’s suspension comes as a result of the organization supposedly violating Slack’s terms of service and policy rules regarding incitement of violence and hatred.

The spokesperson for the company specifically claimed that once Slack is made aware of these violations of its rules, it carries out an investigation. From here, Slack determined that its removal of FAIR falls in line with the company’s policies.

Finally, Slack concluded its official statement by declaring “hate groups” are at odds with Slack’s values and therefore have no place on the platform whatsoever.

Part of a Bigger War?
It goes without saying that many conservatives aren’t buying Slack’s explanation for FAIR’s suspension from the platform.

Ultimately, this situation is widely viewed as Big Tech simply waging war on conservatives and others who don’t fall in line with left-wing ideology.

Despite its denials, Big Tech has been implicated in various instances of censoring conservatives for years on end. This censorship is what gave rise to alternative platforms like Gab, TruthSocial, Parler, and other outlets.

Since the removal of FAIR, many conservatives have taken to social media, vowing not to give Slack their business going forward.